Ship & Propeller Inspection

The ROV GNOM significantly reduces expenses of underwater ship inspections — microrobots are very useful for video control of repair operations.

GNOMs allow to reduce  the expenses of surveys like inspection of underwater parts of the ship or overlooking custom terminals, pundits or when underwater-technical works are carried out. It helps to control every kind of repairs that are being done under water.
Visualized control of ship repair will definitely economize the time you spend on renewal of capacity, removal of reasons of refuse or the renewal of used up mechanisms, wares and corps of ship. Possibility of lowering GNOM in water from a broadside will help quickly and effectively to discover and remove a disrepair in an urgent order.
Technology of GNOM’s working allows to get authoritative information about the state of hidden objects without any preliminary preparatory measures. Also with the help of GNOM you can easily control how the hidden works are conducted. Possibility of preliminary examination and permanent videoinspection will eliminate unforeseen hindrances in your work.
 For survey of bottom, lateral walls of courts it is set additional video camera on GNOM with built-in lights. In low visibly conditions it is very effective to use LYYN T38 that can improve the quality of real-time video or stored material by making it more clear, live and high-colored. Very small size  allows the ROV to penetrate into small enclosed space and to  hold a detailed review of all underwater parts of ship.