Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GNOM?
How do I place an order?
Do you provide service or training?
How many people are needed to operate ROV GNOM?
What are the main differences between ROV GNOM and analogs?
How can I buy the ROV GNOM?
What are the limitations of ROV GNOM use?
What are the depth limitations of ROV GNOM?
Can ROV GNOM perform any underwater operations except survey operations?
Do I need to take special classes to learn how to operate ROV GNOM?
How much additional weight (equipment) can be installed on ROV GNOM?
What additional equipment can be installed on the ROV GNOM?
What is the cheapest and most upgradable modification of ROV GNOM?
What is the repair kit for? What does it contain?
Is it possible to install the hydroacoustic navigation system on ROV GNOM?
What else should I have for ROV GNOM operation?
Do I need a scuba diver during the ROV GNOM deployment?
Do I need a power supply, what kind?
I need a real-time video recording during the ROV operation to map the sediment types of the bottom. Can ROV GNOM perform such investigation?
Is it possible to make a ROV without a cable?
What type of data carrier/recorder do I need? Is it included into the system set?
Is it possible to survey and record the half flooded tunnels?
Is it possible to watch the real-time video at the laptop screed and record the video signal by the digital camera via USB-cable?
How controlling commands are transmitted to ROV GNOM? How many cores are in the cable?
Do I need a movable lift point?
Is it necessary to use the flotation module
Does ROV GNOM have a system allowed to locate the vehicle position??
What is the temperature range of ROV GNOM operation?
I heard about DOUBLE RESCUE SYSTEM. Could you provide more information?
What is the maximum current velocity allowed during the ROV GNOM operation?
What is the maximum time of underwater operations?
What can you recommend for underwater survey of the cable laid underground?
How can I plot a geographical position of ROV GNOM?
What additional equipment is required for video record during survey operations at shallow water depth in absence of the ship with self-contained power supply?
Does ROV GNOM have an emergency ascent system in case of cable rupture?
What shall I do in case of the cable hook?
In what countries ROV GNOM applies?
Have you performed any specific investigations of ROV GNOM operation under conditions of strong current?

All you need to know about GNOM ROV.