Press about GNOMs

NUTECMAR – Mini ROV leader in Brazil

Nutecmar specializes in marine and environmental subsea technology, including the sales, rentals and service of ROVs and Side Scan Sonars . Nutecmar operates its own 43 foot deployment vessel in Brazil, which can be rented along with subsea equipment and operators.
They are also one of the leaders in ROVs pilot capability building courses, periodically offering Mini ROV pilot training courses.

Underwater world by GNOM's eyes

Researchers from P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IO RAS) developed and patented the solely useful for underwater investigations vehicle- remotely operated video camera.

Family of small sized remotely operated underwater vehicles «GNOM»

In the past five years, along with the use of large and expensive remote-controlled underwater robots that require the operation of the special court-media with tripping devices in the world wide trend of using underwater MiniROVs intended for search and observe operate at depths up to 300 m. It is accompanied by lower prices for devices and to perform underwater work in general, and thus increase the availability, for both professionals and amateurs of the underwater world.

Водяной гном. Российские океанологи повторили подвиг Левши, подковавшего блоху

Российские ученые из Института океанологии удивили мировое сообщество, создав подводный телеуправляемый аппарат ГНОМ. Малыш оказался самым малогабаритным, самым маневренным и самым дешевым среди аппаратов своего класса. Ни одна зарубежная компания не смогла предложить рынку нечто похожее.