Underwater world by GNOM's eyes

Russian experts developed unique vehicle for working under water. It is a controllable robot. It makes possible to discover underwater world's mystery without making your hands wet; to hold  some manuevres, for example: to collect samples from the ground, to examine a pipe line, to cample a screw or to get pearls.

Researchers from P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IO RAS) developed and patented the solely useful for underwater investigations vehicle- remotely operated video camera. In practice it is a small-sized, but very skilful and "gentle" robot, that is able to carry out many commissions at the bottom of the sea. It can be an examination of dangerous objects or discovery of the details of the life of the inhabitants of the underwater depths. Fabricate the device scientist helped their colleagues of Indel-Partner, Ltd., and marvel at this miracle of technology could be the last, already the fifth consecutive international specialized exhibition "Robotics" recently held at the Exhibition Centre (Moscow, October 17-20, 2007). 

The authors have developed several modifications of remotely operated underwater vehicles - and they are all called "GNOM". Some are already working successfully for several years, and in various fields of human activity - from the study of underwater volcanoes to underwater inspection of vessels. In fact, their fabulous namesake hosts dungeons, creatures usually hardworking, but sometimes whimsical, capricious and even evil. The underwater vehicle - "GNOM" character much better - they are not only clever, skillful and diligent, but still manageable. Good to get helpers - reliable and feature-rich.