Nuclear Power Stations

ROV Gnom is really using for inspection of some equipment in nuclear power stations.

ROV GNOM makes inspections of some parts of nuclear power station and reactors, such as water-supply systems, checking condition of radio-active waste and walls of reservouars, old nuclear fuel  in reservouares (pools). Our company delivered two GNOMs to the company ''Rosenergoatom'' and ROVs are working there with a great success.
GNOM was also used in Kara sea for monitoring the sunken old nuclear fuel containers near Novaya Zemlya (expedition of Ministry of Emergency Situations in 2006). It provided examination of sunken containers with nuclear wastes, moreover a visual survey and measurements of radiation were also done. For this researches the underwater Gamma-spectrometer made in Kurchatov Institute was mounted on a  ROV, GNOM brought it to the sunken containers, then did the measurements and data were written into the memory. After GNOM returned back to the ship data were uploaded to PC.