2-nd Open Cup RSIPCS&T 2009

04 June 2009

2-nd Open Cup RSIPCS&T 2009 was held in Moscow on 23-24 of May. This exhibition was carried on in the swimming pool of Russian State Institute of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism (РГУФКСиТ).  Coaches of Underwater Blood Sports and Underwater Sport Shooting graduate from this institute and this is the onliest institute in the world where it is possible to get such speciality.

Competition program included following disciplines:

1. Public underwater shooting (bottles shooting, slippers shooting, etc) is an exciting and hazardous competition. It is allowed to take part in it for all comers with their usual gun. The gun has to be hunter’s, just so! Without special contrivances and training.
2. Underwater Sport Shooting- unique event, which combines with the best underwater weapons, needs diving and shooting skills. Performing of exercise has to be with specially prepared guns. 

ROV GNOM provided underwater video recording of competitions. It allowed people to observe fascinating relays and individual exercises of participants under water.
Video recording of competitions is in section “Media” www.gnom-rov.com/media/video/
ROV GNOM in the swimming poolThe boy operates ROV GNOMROV GNOM in the swimming pool