Gnom ROV training courses in Brazil

09 December 2010

Nutecmar, Gnom ROV authorized dealer for Brazil and Latin America is now offering capacity building courses to form new students in Introduction to ROVs, Micro ROV Pilot and Micro ROV Advanced Pilot at their facilities in Santos, Brazil.

The courses are held in a continuing education system. The 3 full days introduction course includes contents as ROV definitions, basic systems, history, basic hydraulics, ROV applications and market, ROV classification (types of equipments), controls, tethers and accessories, technical specifications, safety requirements and basic maintenance, as well as introductory flights in simulator and real ROV (Gnom Baby).

The Micro ROV Pilot course has duration of four full days and covers aspects as user manuals studies, accessories applications and studies (sonar, USBL positioning, manipulators etc.), equipment calibration, tether management, operational safety and emergency first aids and case studies, as well as practical training in simulators with progressive difficulties (low visibility, sonar use, increasing currents situations etc.) and real ROVs piloting and tasks performing (flying Gnom Baby and Gnom Standard robots) in confined waters.  Both courses are given to a maximum of ten students at a time.

The Advanced Micro ROV Pilot course is totally practical and held straight in Nutecmar’s 43 foot research vessel for a maximum of four students living aboard and performing real tasks as ship hull inspections, pier inspections, shipwreck exploration, marine life identification and diver support and monitoring during three and a half full days, using Gnom Baby and Gnom Standard ROVs as well as other resources like sidescan sonar, GPS and other navigational aids.

“Our first course was held in November and we had students, as engineers, oceanographers, marine biologists and others, that came to our facilities from many different Brazilian States. It was very successful, gaining a lot of media attention and an offer of Santos Municipal Aquarium to take hold of the final practical tasks inside it’s largest tank, full of big tropical fishes, what was really great for our students”, tells Eduardo Meurer, general director of Nutecmar.

Nutecmar now has a regular monthly Micro ROV courses schedule in Portuguese, but special courses in Spanish or in English can be easily arranged by the school. 

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