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Drop Camera

Drop Camera

Underwater drop camera system is a high-resolution, color or B/W waterproof camera, with standard or a wide view angle. It can be used for underwater pipeline inspection, search and rescue, sport fishing, treasure hunting or marine biology research. The drop camera can be installed on the diver's helmet.

 Technical specifications

  • Maximum operating depth up to 400 m
  • Ultra thin flexible Kevlar umbilical tether 4.5 mm, up to 400 m long
  • 1 color (bw) camera with 700 TV Lines, 0.1 lux, with lens viewing angle 70°, 90° or 120°
  • Ring cluster ultra-bright LEDs
  • Depthmeter
  • Power supply 100 - 240VAC, or battery 12V
  • Total power consumption 10 Watts
  • Dcam weight 400g
  • Full system weight with 50 m cable length:3 kg
  • Dcam dimensions not more 125x82(diam.)


System basic set 

  • 1 сolor camera
  • Surface control/power unit
  • Tether 4.5 mm, 50 m long
  • Accessories
  • User’s manual

Dcam warranty (except tether) is 2 years.
Time of manufacturing is 2 – 6 weeks.

Download datasheet PDF 613 Kb


Can be used in:

Extra Equipment

Hand reel with sliding contact

Hand reel with sliding contact.

LCD monitor 15"

LCD monitor 15"

Monitor is installed inside the shipping case with possible built-in PC.

High-performance waterproof case (packed system)

High-performance waterproof case (packed system)

Two cases are necessary for installation of the complete set of the equipment.

Coaxial tether (4.5 mm)

Coaxial tether (4.5 mm)

The cable neutral buoyancy is a unique super thin underwater cable with breaking load up to 100 kg.

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