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Super GNOM

Super GNOM

The most advanced model Super Gnom can be equipped with the manipulator (grabber),  scan sector sonar (Micron Tritech or analogue) and USBL positioning system. More powerful thrusters and additional illumination are installed on the Super Gnom.   SuperGNOM can be modified for operation at depths up to 200 m.

Technical specifications

Super GNOM (S-6-150-1)


Maximum Operating depth up to 150 m
Dimensions (LxWxH) 450 mm x 220 mm x 230 mm
Weight in air / total system weight 5 kg / 25 kg
Thrusters 6 magnetically coupled DC motors
Horizontal: 4x thrusters, 24 VDC 16W
Vertical: 2x thruster, 24 VDC 16W
Cruising speed up to 3 knots
Thrust Forward 4 kgf
Thrust Vertical 2 kgf
Payload 0.5 kg
Vehicle Protection Polypropylene frame



Max. tether length 250 m
Cable diameter 4 mm
Breaking Strength 80 kg
Weight in Air 3 kg/100 m
Weight in Fresh Water Neutrally Buoyant
Type Ultra thin flexible Kevlar Coax cable
Max. Working Load 30 kg



Camera Model Sony Super HAD 2 CCD
Camera resolution 600 TV Lines
Image Sensor 1/3" Interline Transfer CCD
Mini Illumination 0.1 lux (0.01 - b/w camera)
Lens 3.6 mm/F2.0
Iris Control Auto
Focus Auto
Field of View (FOV) 66º
Camera Tilt +/- 50º



Light Source White ultra-bright LEDs
Qty of Lights 4x (5x optional)
Qty of LEDs 8x (12x optional)
Power 1 Watt each
Luminous Flux 8x 100 lumen
Beam Angle 105º each
Colour Temperature 5600-6000º Kelvin
Control Variable intensity



Sensors Compass and Depth
On-screen overlay Yes
Auto-guide mode Yes
Auto-depth mode Yes
Heading Accuracy +/-3º
Compass Resolution 0.5º
Depth Sensor Accuracy 1% F.S.



Power supply Single Phase 100-240 VAC @ 200 W, 60-50 Hz
Recommended Input Voltage 220 VAC
Output Voltage 180VDC
Maximum power output 400 Watt
Monitor 15" LCD
Control Panel System Yes
ON-Screen Display Yes
Navigation system Joystick
DVR Optional
System Protection Full system packed in two high-performance waterproof cases

  System set:

  • Super Gnom submersible (operating depth up to 150m)
  • Tether 100 m (upto 200)
  • Digital compass with the auto-heading mode (data on screen)
  • Depth sensor (auto-depth mode)
  • Camera tilt servo ±50°
  • Cable reel with slip ring connector
  • Surface control/power unit
  • Protective polypropylene frame with buoyant module
  • Sector sonar (option)
  • USBL positioning system (option)
  • Packed in 2  cases
  • Joystick
  • Cable connectors set
  • Repair kit
  • User's manual

ROV warranty (except connecting cable and propellers) is 1 year. Time of manufacturing is 2 – 6 weeks.

Download datasheet *.pdf

Can be used in:

Extra Equipment

USBL positioning system

USBL positioning system

The MicronNav system is an innovative USBL positioning system designed for small vehicles. It has been primarily designed to be used in conjunction with the Tritech Micron/SeaSprite sonar and other Tritech Micro products. This concept will also be adapted and integrated into the Tritech SeaKing range of products in the future. More info..  

Sector scan sonar

Sector scan sonar

Type Micron Tritech. Operating frequency Chirped 650kHz to 750kHz. Range settings From 2m (6ft) to 75m (250ft). More info...

Underwater speargun

Underwater speargun

Underwater speargun with laser sight

Rear camera with ambedded cluster LED lights

Rear camera with ambedded cluster LED lights

Camera is installed instead rear thrusters or on a frame; extremely useful survey of side walls of underwater facilities, ship hulls, bottom etc.



1 (grabber) or 2 functional (grabber + rotating) manipulator. It is can be used for sampling or fixing of the vehicle on the underwater object (compression load up to 5 kg; air weight - 0.5 kg; dimensions - 200x30 mm).

Coaxial tether (4 mm); 1 m.

Coaxial tether (4 mm); 1 m.

The cable neutral buoyancy is a unique super thin underwater cable with breaking load up to 100 kg.

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