Summary report of the work results of upgraded SuperGNOM Pro ROV in the Caspian Sea in 2014

Since 2008, monitoring of the Caspian Sea were performed by using uninhabited remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) "GNOM". Inspection was conducted by Caspian branch of the P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IO RAS). During of this period of SuperGNOM Pro ROV has established itself as a reliable, practical and very safe monitoring tool.

SuperGNOM ProThroughout the work time with ROV GNOM were adopted and implemented new technical solutions to conduct research more precisely and optimally comfortable. New features include: 

  • increase the dimensions machine allowing more inertly respond to underwater currents and waves; 
  • propulsion power increase, thereby increasing the traction device, and also reduces the possibility of clogging the screws and axes by algae; 
  • setting the manipulator for capture objects; 
  • installing a second video camera to work directly with the manipulator; 
  • setting lags thrusters that allow for panoramic shooting large objects; 
  • installation positioning system to track the actual coordinates of the ROV and search for objects based on specified coordinates.




The latest innovation in SuperGNOM Pro control system was the replacement remote control from Logitech gaming consoles to FrSky 2.4GHz ACCST TARANIS X9D Digital Telemetry Radio System. 

For the implementation of this innovation was made a radio receiver that supports FrSky digital protocol, which replaces existing in the ground control unit ROV.


The most important reason was a requirement for the smooth control of GNOM ROV. Advantages upgrading as follows: 

  • through the bearing attachment of handles and increasing the length of their movement (forward-backward, left-right) significantly increased smoothness control of ROV; 
  • digital tuning depending on position of the transmitter control stick on engine speed. This dependency may be linear or nonlinear. It ensures smooth nonlinearity control of ROV; 
  • the ability to control the function of SuperGNOM Pro separate channel (toggle) on the transmitter. In this regard, there is no need to use a combination of channels (mixing). Technical capabilities of this equipment allow the use of 16 channels, which will be sufficient to control all the functions of SuperGNOM Pro ROV; 
  • high power transmitter allows to control the ROV through metal bulkheads of vessel. 
  • the latest software with the open source (Open TX).

For today, FrSky uses only 8 control channels. In the nearest future are planned to install a decoder FrSky Sbus, that allow to implement all 16 control channels.

SuperGNOM ProBesides all the advantages described above, would add the convenience of the remote control. Despite the large number of toggle switches, convenient their location allows them to control all of them with ease. Neck strap transmitter frees hands when descending SuperGNOM Pro ROV to the water.

Remotely operated vehicle work was held in the northern part of the Caspian Sea. The objects of the observations were of bottom-pelagic biological station, artificial reefs established the Institute of Oceanology, and all possible foreign objects in their vicinity. Installed GoPro Camcorder delivers high quality video of the observed objects.

OOO "Akvaspetsservits"
Chief Engineer
Ivan Ermakov

Detailed photo of the works in the Caspian Sea, you can see in our photo album Super GNOM Pro, the Caspian Sea, 2014